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MS Office coming to iOS according to a new job listing by Microsoft

Microsoft Office, an office suite that has been extremely popular on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, is all set to launch on iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. We have been hearing rumors about Microsoft’s plans to launch its popular office suite as an app on iPad. The above picture is a snap from The Daily, who supposedly clicked Microsoft Office’s iPad app in action back in May. Microsoft denied saying the snap is fake, in opposition to which The Daily stressed that the app was demoed to them by a Microsoft employees and claimed to see it in action.

The snap shot by The Daily seems to be initial builds of the app, however, Microsoft has given out another hint that the app is in works by posting a set of job listings on First job listing looks for software engineer for Outlook Test team to work on “Microsoft’s next move on the Mac and on iOS.” Another job listing is seeking for Powerpoint Test team.

The app’s user interface seen in the leaked snaps share similarity with the current OneNote app and few elements from Metro design, the latest design scheme which Microsoft has been following in Windows Phone and the upcoming Windows 8 desktop and tablet operating system, is clearly seen. With Office app for iOS, users can create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files online and locally.

According to BGR, they have been informed by a trustable source that Microsoft is planning to release the full Office suite not only for iPad, but for Android based tablets as well. The company is said to be aiming for November launch date. The same source also saw Office app running on iPad first hand, and the interface resembled what was seen on the images obtained by The Daily, which were apparently denied by Microsoft. The loading screen says “Office for iOS”, which could also mean that the suite won’t be limited to iPad, but may also run on iPod touch and iPhone.

On the other hand, the job listings don’t explicitly confirm the existence of such an app as the software giant have various apps on iOS, such as OneNote, SkyDrive etc. but one job listing looks for Outlook/Powepoint tester on Mac and iOS.

Some see Office as junk, while it is one of the most widely used softwares in schools and businesses. Launching Office on iPad will just help the device cement its place in an office environment. Integration with SkyDrive will improve its usability, nevertheless, let’s keep our fingers crossed until November.

We will be keeping our eyes open for any updates. In the meantime, tell us what you think about Office for iOS using the comment form below.

via BGR

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