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Motorola Slashes Prices of the MOTOACTV to $150 and $200


The Motorola MOTOACTV has gone through a price reduction and costs $149 now, bundled with a free watch strap. The device has seen a massive price reduction now. Available in 8 and 16GB variants, the MOTOACTV is basically an athlete’s best friend with its built in GPS and MP3 player aiding runners. The device can also be used as a watch as shown in the image above, so you can use it even if you aren’t running. The device was initially priced at $249 for the 8GB model which quite frankly was a little too much. Not that the $149 price tag makes it a worthy buy, but it’s considerably less compared to the initial price of the player.

The device bears close resemblance to Apple’s iPod Nano, not in terms of looks of course. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this an iPod Nano alternative with Android goodness on board. Even with the price reduction, the 8GB MOTOACTV is still $10 pricier than the 16GB iPod Nano. So you might want to check that out prior to considering the MOTOACTV. The iPod Nano basically covers most of the features of the MOTOACTV, and it runs on a toned down version of iOS. The Motorola device however is supported by the company and updates are rolled out on regular intervals, plus it has the versatility of Android.

The MOTOACTV has its own set of fancy features which make it a worthy buy. The Smart Music Player changes tracks according to your intensity level, having made prior research internally about your favorite songs. So both these devices are basically for workout junkies and also for casual music listeners. The small size makes it highly pocket friendly too. Amazon is selling the 8 and 16GB versions of the MOTOACTV with the watch strap for $149.99 and $199.99 respectively. However, if you want the device minus the watch strap it will cost you $199.95 and $259.95, so it seems like a clearance sale. Walmart is selling the 16GB version for $179.98.

The MOTOACTV has something for everyone, with support for Golf lovers too. Amazon is selling a separate Golf version of the MOTOACTV which lets you keep track of your scores accordingly.

Source: Amazon, Walmart
Via: Talk Android

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