Motorola and Nextel Brazil combine for the Motorola i867 Ferrari

Motorola, a Google owned company, has teamed up with Nextel Brazil to bring the Motorola i867 Ferrari. Looking at the Ferrari tag, you may think that the phone has high end hardware driving the device, however, you will be disappointed once you look at the spec sheet. What sets it apart is its PTT functionality using Motorola Mobility’s iDEN technology.

Design wise, the handset takes its inspiration from Ferrari 458, and as a result, the device undoubtedly stands out of the crowd. Motorola says that the back of the phone is designed like hood of a Ferrari sports car. The phone is bundled with a special Ferrari kit that contains key ring, leather case, car charger and a classy bumper sticker. With the help of Motorola Mobility’s iDEN technology, the device delivers high performance communication, cellular service, PTT radio, mobile Web access and messaging.

“The Motorola i867 is ideal for those who love cars and the quality, design, concept and exclusiveness associated with Ferrari,” said Fernando Modé, Nextel marketing manager.

Taking a sneak peek into technical features, the device uses a 3.1 inch touchscreen, MP3 player, a 3.5 mm stereo earpiece jack, stereo Bluetooth technology and a 3 MP camera. Swype comes pre installed on this device which should help in texting, while two microphones help in noise cancellation for clearer communication. The device does have a memory expansion slot and includes 2 gig microSD memory card out of the box and is expandable up to 32 gig. Below is a summary of specifications:

• 3.1-inch touchscreen
• Integrated GPS
• Integrated WiFi
• Bluetooth 2.1
• 3MP Camera with 4X zoom
• Push To Talk
• 200MB of storage with 32GB microSD capacity / 2GB microSD included

The good news is that it is an Android phone, but the bad part is that it runs Android 2.1 which was released way back in 2010. Nevertheless, the user gets to choose from over 450,000 applications that are available on Google Play. Like any Android phone, there are 5 display screens which give you quick access to regularly used applications. The device also has access to Google Mobile Services including Google Talk, Google Maps with Navigation and Google Search. Apart from these, Motorola i867w comes loaded with Nextel Email application which enables the user to monitor 10 personal and corporate email accounts.

The device comes with pretty modest hardware features. Motorola i867 Ferrari will be sold via Nextel Brazil’s sales channels with a promotional price tag of whopping R$1499 ($871 USD) or R$799 ($435 USD) along with a data plan. The specs are pretty low, and a 3.1 inch screen is pretty small for a device in that range, nevertheless, we think the device is targeting a group of customers who don’t care what is inside as long as it is branded with the iconic brand. Nextel has 4.2 million corporate users from 388 cities under its network, so that’s plenty of fish in the pond there and this device will definitely find its buyers. As far as US is considered, we don’t think this device will ever make it to our soil with that kind of hardware, that too with Android 2.1 on board. What are your thoughts on this piece of technology? Let us know using the comment form below.