Motorola and Lenovo Delaying the Launch of Intel-Based Tablets

According to sources from upstream supply chain, Motorola Mobility and Lenovo are going to delay the launch of their Medfield / Android based tablet PCs to after November. It is true that Intel has been aggressively promoting the combination of Android with Medfield platform for both smart phones and the tablet PC markets. However, the recent decisions of Intel’s partners are going to cause some problems for Intel’s approach on this plan. Intel had a plan for Medfield and Android based tablet PCs, which is going to suffer a lot because of the decisions their partners made. As the situations is right now, it might be pointing towards a disagreement between Intel and its partners, but Intel, neither its partners said anything about the delay as of now.

Intel simply declined to comment on this matter by saying that it does not wishes to comment about its products or the products of its partners’ that have not been launched yet.

The launch of Medfield and Android based tablet PCs was due this summer, because in April 2012, Lenovo and Intel displayed their engineering samples of Android based tablet PC, which was their first joint development. This tablet PC was developed by adopting Medfield and Android 4.0.4. The launch of this tablet PC was due in the mid of 2012 after considering the factors such as the launch of RT and Windows 8. Lenovo also wanted to take into consideration other players in the market such as the Apple’s new iPad as well. So, Lenovo decided to delay the launch of its joint venture device in order to further observe the market and to think of the best time to launch this new device.

Intel is strongly concerned about the sales performance of its partners, from whom it gained support. These partners include telecom carriers and smart phone manufactures both. Names such as Motorola, Lenovo, ZTE, Lava International, and Orange are the parents Intel is worried about for their sales performance of Medfield and Android based smart phones.

Originally, Intel was expecting full support from ZTE and Motorola for the plans of its Medfield / Android based tablet PCs. The morale of Intel’s platform will be impacted by the way these vendors are turning cautious about their tablet PC business, says the sources.

For October of 2012, Intel is planning to release the Atom Z2760 processor, which will be released shortly after the launch of Windows 8. The Atom Z2760 processor is for Intel’s Clover Trial platform, which is designed specifically for this operating system. However, at the same time, it will also be offering the 22nm Ivy Bridge processors as well for the high-end tablet PCs running on Windows 8.

Although, the decisions Lenovo made, will affect the computing giant and its plans for Medfield / Android based tablet PCs. The Medfield/ Android based tablet PC plan of Intel is going to commence, but we do not know when. For now, we can only rely on sources that wish to remain anonymous and rumors to provide us information about Intel’s plan.