Motorla Xoom Getting Jelly Bean Updates, Why Everyone Didn’t Get it Yet

There has been a lot of talk around the Motorola Xoom, specifically the Wi-Fi only version. Some wondered if Motorola would even release the Jelly Bean update for the Wi-Fi version. Inside sources surrounding the Motorola “soak” test said that the Wi-Fi version would get the update after speculation rose that it was possible that it wouldn’t. Some people have reported that they have gotten the Jelly Bean update for the Motorola Xoom while others haven’t. There is a reason why everyone hasn’t gotten it and I tend to think that’s because no one has kept up to news on Motorola’s “soak” test.

Awhile back Motorola announced that they were going to be launching a soak test in the near future that you could opt into. Those who opted into that soak test would get an update to Jelly Bean via OTA (Over-the-Air) for testing. It wasn’t a full release of the update and wasn’t intended to be. It was just a quick test run before they were preparing to release it to everyone who owned a Motorola Xoom. With that said, only the people who opted in got the update. As far as I know the Jelly Bean official update has only recently launched. This is after their soak test though.

If my information is correct users across Europe will be able to opt into this soak test for testing very soon. The only thing I can currently tell you is that right now it’s in the process of rolling out for Xoom users across the United States only. If you’re in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and really anywhere across the country you can still get this update by converting your version to a U.S version. Keep in mind that this may require some code-digging. The other problem with this option is that everyone overseas has a different version that the U.S. So while the International version may be able to get the Jelly Bean update by saying it’s the U.S version on the tablet there could potentially be issues when it comes to language regions and so on.

With all that said, someone from CoolSmarphones has said that he switched his U.K version of the Xoom to the U.S version of the Xoom and was able to get the Jelly Bean update the next morning without any issues. I’m very curious to know what’s changed and how he likes it but there has been no further comment aside from that he “is impressed.” He says that the 79MB Over-the-Air update comes with a smart keyboard, Google Now and a improved UI among a few other features.

If you’ve gotten the Jelly Bean update overseas let us know and tell us how you like it by leaving a comment below! I’d be interested to know if you switched your version to say it’s the U.S. version. If you did do that, how did it work out for you?

Stay tuned for updates concerning a official Europe release!

source: CoolSmartPhones

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  1. If your Wifi Xoom running ICS is insisting that it is up to date upon manually checking for an update via the about table screen, you can probably* force it to recognize the availability of the Jelly Bean OTA by doing the following:

    On the main settings menu for the Xoom:
    Apps -> All -> Google Services Framework
    Force stop and clear the cache

    On the main settings menu for the xoom:
    About Table -> System Updates
    Check now

    *The above worked on my Xoom after just one attempt. Two different sites online indicated that the above steps may need to be repeated several times before the OTA is recognized by your Xoom.

  2. The interface is a lot more responsive. Also, the Google Now feature is nice when traveling away from home.

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