Mirror’s Edge for Nokia Lumia Devices

Those who enjoyed playing the Xbox Live 2010 edition game the Mirror’s Edge, they would now have the option to enjoy it on their Nokia Lumia phones as well.

Nokia teamed up with EA games and finally brought that up exclusively for their discerning Lumia users. The game downloads at 131 MB and initial tests reveal that it is playing perfectly well on the Lumia range of phones. Although the release on Lumia comes a bit late, as the game already debuted on the iOS platform earlier, still it is not going to be available for some time on all Windows Phone devices. So for those who are not on Lumia, unfortunately there is no good news.

The Mirror’s Edge game has a nice and simple user interface, great storyline and promises hours of interesting game play. These are the reasons why it was such a craze when it’s been launched on the console. For those who had already played the Mirror’s Edge on console, this should be just another opportunity to reminiscent on old memories. If you are a Lumia user, the game is available for download as a part of the Nokia collection. Xbox LIVE is offering users the option to download the whole package for only $2.99.

Nokia to collaborate with Electronic Arts in further projects

It is reported that Nokia has arranged for several other games in collaboration with EA. All these will be available for Lumia users soon. It seems like this is one more reason why you should choose to become a Lumia user. For other Windows smartphones it seems there are two options. First is to wait for these games to come out of their exclusivity from Lumia and be available for the general Windows Phone users and two, to switch over your allegiance to Lumia.

However, with additional games and other benefits that Nokia is planning for its Lumia users, the second option appears to be the more viable one at this time.

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  1. You left out an option for other Windows Phone users.

    3)If you have a fully unlocked device, switch to the Nokia Marketplace and download it…its not free though, you still have to pay the 2.99$. -which is totally fine with me BC I love this game!

    It runs on my Titan flawlessly BTW!

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