Military grade encryption for iOS messages

None of us like somebody else reading our SMS messages, and Apple hasn’t provided any special security for the Messaging app, apart from the main lock screen passcode. There are few apps which place an extra layer of security over your messages, but most of them require you to have your iPhone jailbroken.

All the users who haven’t jailbroken their iPhone’s yet, Wickr is here for rescue. Wickr is a new app for iPhone which offers sophisticated security making the messages on your phone for your eyes only. The application apparently provides “military grade” encryption, which is a bit excessive for a casual user, but the point here is that you can immediately start sending ultra secure encrypted messages with another user having Wickr installed on their device, and most importantly, this app can be downloaded free of cost.

Wickr doesn’t use an average jumble text encryption, but an encryption technology that is in par with the military, and has been specially crafted by a group of experts in the security field. It also provides options such as remove metadata from media files, or set a self-destruct timer on outgoing messages so that it is deleted on the destination device after certain period of time automatically, which should come handy if you’re on a top-secret mission.

What happens if user on the other end doesn’t have Wickr installed? Well, Wickr will automatically send that user a message introducing itself and encouraging them to install the free app in order to view the encrypted message.

To add feather on the hat, when you delete any message, you need not be worried about data being recovered at a later point in time as the app automatically overwrites it with unreadable data several times, making messaging more secure than ever. The only con we could find was that screenshot feature of iOS was still enabled in this app, which kind of defeats the app’s functionality. Otherwise, it’s a great piece of software and you won’t regret the 16.5MB bandwidth spent on downloading it.

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