Microsoft’s Unveiling of Software Features Used to Jazz Up Office 15

There were rumours that Microsoft will be launching a “Consumer Preview” of the Office 2013 in late July. However, the news of Microsoft unveiling Office 2013 this Monday took the internet crowd by surprise as it was something that was not expected.

Today, was the day speculated by Microsoft for the unveiling of the features crafted to jazz up Office 15. Too much is at stake here because MS office is the core profit engine of Microsoft, which sells licenses of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and all of them are under immense pressure because if things do not go as planned, then Microsoft is bound to lose a good chunk of their market share to their competitors, who are constantly rolling out updates to their softwares.

Another rumour suggested that Microsoft office will be released by the end of this year. However, according to USA Today, the release date of Microsoft Office 2013 will be somewhere early next year. Moreover, the Windows 8 from Microsoft will be launched at sometime in October this year, according to the sources who are familiar with Microsoft’s plans. However, all of this information will remain as rumours as long as Microsoft does not comment on the fact of the matter.

Microsoft has to deal with competitors like Google and Apple, where one is pushing their Microsoft’s customers to use more of Google DOC, as it is easy, reliable, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, the other competitor, Apple is pushing on the fact that clerical duties are best done on the iPad. It should not come as a surprise that neither Microsoft office, nor Google DOCS work on Apple devices. However, Microsoft Office by far remains the most dominant tool used to clerical duties on laptops and desktop PC’s. This alone generated $22.2 billion for Microsoft in the fiscal year 2011, where the company’s total revenues were $70 billion.

“If Office 15 is a bust, those repercussions will impact and potentially injure virtually every part of Microsoft,” says analyst Charles King at research firm Pund-IT. “It could hamper Microsoft’s push to gain a bigger foothold in search advertising and home entertainment,” he says.

“The more devices Office 15 is available on, the better it is for Microsoft,” says Trip Chowdhry, managing director of Global Equities Research. If Microsoft office is made for other devices such as iPad, then it can easily grab more of the market share from its competitors, making its position in the market more stable.

“Microsoft hasn’t had a large amount of time to broadly overhaul these applications, but I believe a large percentage of the time has been spent ensuring that the applications are touch-centric.” Miller says. However, one thing that we can assume for today’s unveiling is that, when the Microsoft CEO and chief pitchman Steve Ballmer gets on the stage for the press conference, he is more likely to talk more about the touch capabilities of Microsoft Office 15. However, for now, we have to wait and see what really becomes of today’s unveiling of software features that were used to jazz up office 15.