Microsoft’s Redesigned Website Better Than Apple’s

Before reading this article, visit Microsoft’s website by clicking on this link. Once the site loads,hold the control key on your keyboard and doa mouse scroll or hold the control key and use the “+” and “-” keys to zoom in and zoom out to the complete limit. Did you notice the change? This newly redesigned Microsoft website is now capable of adjusting itself to any screen resolution. With different zoom levels, the page layout adjusts itself for optimum browsing for that screen size. It does not matter whether you are viewing the website on a wide screen LCD screen , a 1080 X 768, CRT screen or a mobile phone display, you will always get a screen layout which suits the screen size. The website design uses the same design principles as that used to design it’s Metro view, now seen everywhere from it’s Windows Phone to the upcoming Windows 8 and Office.

It is no secret that design play an extremely important role. Be it in product design or a product website design or a software design. Many people, when asked about their favourite website design, will mention Apple’s website. Apple’s simplistic approach to design has certainly helped it in becoming successful. But according to an article on Forbes, Microsoft’s new design aesthetics is a move towards the better, for web design, when compared to Apple’s design approach which “attempt[s] to imitate the appearance of real things in digital form.”

“So now we find ourselves in this odd position where Microsoft is actually more design-forward than Apple! That Microsoft has done it by looking back half-a-century is part of the irony. But Windows Phone and the new Windows 8 are designed from the ground up for the world of mobile, the world we now inhabit. And mobile values speed and efficiency more than bandwidth-clogging, illusionistic decoration.”

What are your thoughts about this? Do you like Microsoft’s new website design? Do you think it is better than Apple’s? Do Share your thoughts.

You can also read the complete Forbes article here.