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Microsoft to Release Security Bulletins

Microsoft is getting ready to push out security patches this coming July 10th. Among the software and services slated to get the update are Internet Explorer 9, Sever Software, Microsoft Developer Tools, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Windows. Three of these bulletins are deemed “critical” while the others are labelled “important.” Moreover, one bulletin is only for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users.


Microsoft did not disclose exactly what the patches are fixing, but some have speculations based on the information that Microsoft provided.

The first critical bulletin will possibly try to fix the XML vulnerability issue in Microsoft XML Core Services 3, 4, 5, and 6. The bulletin will be significant since this XML loophole had been reportedly taken advantage of by hackers.

The second bulletin comes as a bit of a surprise. This is a critical Internet Explorer 9 patch which arrives just one month after Microsoft rolled out the latest update. Usually, Microsoft issues updates every two months. Thus, whatever this patch is addressing must be truly essential that it cannot be postponed until the next update.

The fourth bulletin, marked as “important” likely addresses all versions of Microsoft Office released in the last few years. This creates a fix for the issue that allows for the remote execution of code from previously-released versions of Microsoft Office. Last month, Microsoft had already released a similar fix, but supposedly it had only been a temporary one.

The rest of the bulletins deal with issues on information disclosure, elevation of privilege, and remote code execution. Multiple bulletins are also sometimes necessary to fix a single vulnerability.

The security patches will arrive on computers from Microsoft Update or Windows Update. They can be likewise downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center and the Microsoft Update Catalog. Those using Microsoft Office on Mac computers will be getting them via the Microsoft AutoUpdate for Mac.

Those who have questions regarding the bulletins may tune in to an on-demand webcast sponsored by Microsoft one day after the updates are pushed out.

Microsoft commonly rolls out these patches every second Tuesday of each month. The updates usually target its main product offerings.

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