Microsoft Office ready for Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion, one of the most anticipated update for OS X operating system platform has been finally released and is available on the App Store for just $20.

Now that Apple has finally launched OS X Mountain Lion, Microsoft has confirmed that their office line up of productivity softwares, Office for Mac 2011 and Office 2008 for Mac, has been updated to support Apple’s “the world’s most advanced desktop operating system”. Office for Mac 2011 is now Mountain Lion ready and Microsoft has said that it has been working along with Apple in order to ensure fantastic experience for its users. According to Microsoft’s Office for Mac blog, users are requested to have their AutoUpdate option enabled as that feature brings most of the updates on OS X Mountain Lion.

You should be able to enable AutoUpdate on any application from Office for Mac by going to its toolbar, then choosing “Help” and then clicking on “Check for Updates.” OS X Mountain Lion comes with an all new feature called as GateKeeper, which basically protects users from untrusted software and permits users to download and install softwares written by trusted developers only. In order to keep Office for Mac updated to latest version, Microsoft has suggested users to use Microsoft AutoUpdate, as updates that are downloaded to desktop won’t be able to update the application successfully.

For those who haven’t tried OS X Mountain Lion yet, the time has come. OSX Mountain Lion brings great new features like Social Media Sharing, Messages, iCloud, new Notification Center and last but not the least, Speech and Diction. Speech and Diction is a lot like Siri on iPhone 4S. With Mountain Lion, the integration between Mac computer and iOS devices is increasing and very soon, the Dictation feature will be more like how Siri is to iPhone.

Some users are reporting that they ran into problems where in which they weren’t able to upgrade their operating system after purchasing the upgrade and downloading it to their Mac. Errors such as “This item is temporarily unavailable. Please try again.”, and Error 100 message displaying “We could not complete your App Store request. An unknown error occurred (100).” have been popping up. These errors can be fixed by quitting the App Store by signing out of it, restarting your Mac computer and logging in back to the App Store before making a re-download attempt. Many users have reportedly fixed the issue by this method.

Yesterday, we had written about Microsoft Office coming to iOS devices and Android tablets. Previously, The Daily had got their hands on few snaps which showed an iPad running Microsoft’s upcoming Office app for the device. The images were denied to be true by Microsoft, however, the company didn’t agree nor rejected that such an app was indeed in the works. Microsoft gave out some info on the same by publishing two job listings on searching for software engineers to test iOS app. Seems like Microsoft is expanding their roots in the industry in every way possible. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know using the comment form below.

via OfficeForMac Blog and UberGizmo