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MeeGo PR1.3 update now rolling out to Nokia N9 smartphones


Remember the Nokia N9? Yes, the not so popular MeeGo running smartphone which was unveiled back in June last year. The device is now receiving a PR1.3 update. Without diving too much into specifics, it is mentioned that the new update will offer “over 1,000 quality improvements” which will make the device easier to use. While these changes aren’t major, frequent users of the device will see a noticeable difference, it is believed.

The update will bring better NFC support, refined social networking and mail clients, better positioning of Nokia Maps when indoors, quicker camera autofocus in low light conditions, faster connection with Wi-Fi etc. While there’s no drastic change in the UI, it is believed to be much smoother now. Rest of the 900 and odd features are believed to be minor ones, so don’t expect to see anything different with your phone yet. The update is over 203MB in size, so it’s recommended to be on a Wi-Fi network before proceeding with the update.

All of us for a fact thought that Nokia had given up on the MeeGo platform. Considering that the OS only has two devices under its belt (the N9 and the developer only N950), one would feel that it’s not a hard task to provide frequent updates. But Nokia clearly is too focused on WP to pay heed to MeeGo. That being said, it is commendable that the company is still sending out updates to the rather lonely smartphone. The device is available only in two variants and isn’t available in the States as Nokia decided  to not sell the device in prime markets like the U.S, UK and a few Asian countries. Online retailers like Amazon however are selling international versions of the smartphone. So if you own an N9, expect a notification to alert you with the update. It’s an OTA update so the users will know when their device is ready.

Source: Nokia
Via: Phone Arena

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