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Max Payne Mobile for iOS: Review


The Android and iOS app stores are filled with a  number of third person shooter games. There are games like 9mm, Dead Space and Shadowgun which are all great games with state-of-the-art graphics. Speaking of great third person shooter games, does anybody remember Max Payne? Yes, the neo noir style game which originally broke cover for Windows and Mac back in 2001. The game was a cult favorite and the grumpy Max Payne is adored by millions worldwide. The app however broke cover for iOS and Android devices in April and June respectively.

There is nothing new with the story line here and Rockstar Games has managed to retain the same user interface. This is something we really love as it will bring back some fond memories of the game. So does the game handle as well as the original version did? Let’s find out.

The controls are a little tricky and will take some time to get used to. The two onscreen gamepads for direction and movement is a little too complicated. It’s hard to target/aim as well, since they are a little too sensitive. The onscreen gamepad/joystick can be hidden by heading over to the settings if you think it’s too much for you. The sensitivity can be changed too. There are a total of four onscreen icons – fire, bullet time, jump and pause. These icons can be rearranged and placed anywhere in the screen as per your convenience. Apart from this, everything is pretty much the same as the desktop version of the game, including the music. Combined with the versatility of a mobile device, Max Payne can get you involved in no time. The graphics isn’t high end here, but as we said, most of the game’s original set up has been retained which is a very welcome addition, not so much for the new users though. I personally love the app and if it weren’t for the tough controls, I would have been finished half way through, but as you can see, I’ve not even gotten through the first level. But a new update has marginally improved the experience as users can now move while shooting a target with the right onscreen joystick.

I liked:

  • Interface, usability.
  • Storyline, it never gets old.
  • Gameplay.

I didn’t like:

  • Controls, which take a little getting used to.
  • The graphics could have been a little revamped in my opinion, although it’s not a deal breaker.

In conclusion, the game is what it was endorsed to be. Max Payne for iOS seems like a direct port from the desktop version, but with the usual niggles of every portable device.  The game is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Touch (3rd and 4th generation) and all iterations of the iPad running on iOS 4.2 or higher. If you like third person shooter games, you will certainly like this one. The game has its own share of violence and partial nudity, so if you have kids around the house, you might want to keep them away from it. However, it’s nothing excessive and Apple has approved it for users above the age of 17. For $2.99 on both Android and iOS, Max Payne is certainly a worthy buy.

Device used: iPhone 4S

Rating: 4/5

Download Max Payne from the iTunes AppStore

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