Making Calls Free From Android Tablet or Phone via WiFi with GrooVe IP

The idea of making free calls on smartphones via WiFi is not a new discussion, but if you have tried to find a reliable and practical way to do this, it is likely that you got frustrated after some time.  Applications such as csipsimple and sipdroid are some of the Android apps that took us a step closer to this reality but the introduction of such tools as Google Voice Callback, SIP accounts and pbxes made free calls via WiFi very complicated and impractical.  Relief is here though, thanks to a new application GrooVe IP which uses a Google Voice account.  This is a simple application that simply ‘works’ and works well for that matter.

GrooVe IP works like the voice function of Gmail – it connects directly to Google Voice to receive and to make calls.  This means that the GrooVe IP account is linked to a Google Voice account on Gmail.  After the installation of GrooVe IP, the user just needs to log in with their Google Voice details.  After log in, the user will also need to make adjustments in their Google Voice settings by checking off forwarding to Google Chat.  It is as simple as that.

Users will have the choice to use either GrooVe IP’s dialer or the native dialer to make calls.  Many users who have reviewed the application on Google Play Store commended the quality of the WiFi call – even when calling via 3G network.  Note that when 3G is turned off on the device, WiFi will be used by default.  If running in the background, the application automatically connects to pre-configured WiFi networks when the network is available.


Another major advantage of GrooVe IP is that the developer offers excellent support service, in both application fixes and faster response to queries.  Note that since GrooVe IP first connects to Google’s Servers, incoming and outgoing calls will use the assigned Google Voice number.

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