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Madfinger, creators of Dead Trigger, Awarding Players who Purchased Their Game

You may have been really frustrated when Madfinger Games made Dead Trigger free after you paid $0.99 for it. This has frustrated lots of people, not just general players. Google Play reviews consist mostly of complaints about the game going free while many people are complaining all over the internet. Madfinger wants to make it up to you by offering players who paid for the game before it became free some new and exclusive content. The exclusives will come with the next update only for those who paid for the game.

No one knows how big the update is going to be, what’s in the update, what exclusive items will be coming to players. According to the picture, it’s all going to be a secret and a surprise. Hopefully this will lower the outcry from players all over the internet. Also, I hope Madfinger is working up something good and not just an extra level or something. It’d be cool to see new gun options or a special quest line to possibly earn free gold for the shop in Dead Trigger. Whatever they’re whipping up for their “special” players I know it’s gotta be good. Dead Trigger is a great game with great content, so I doubt they would really make garbage for their paid players.

There’s been no word on when Madfinger will be releasing the update. I’m sure it’ll be soon since it’s been almost a week since it’s last update. I was noticing that they were tending to weekly updates. That could of just been a coincidence though. They may have needed to address urgent bugs with the store or something related to that. Nonetheless, hopefully the update will be getting pushed out very soon and the players who paid for the game will get some really, really cool items.

If you can’t read the picture it says:

“Here is a good news for everybody who bought Dead Trigger. Wait for the next update, you will be rewarded! Wonder with what? We will keep it secret for now…”

The quote in itself says they have something big planned. That last sentence just bleed with curiosity.

Has anyone been playing Dead Trigger at all? Did you pay for it? Have you gotten any special notices from Madfinger concerning and update or something? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear about it!

source: Via.Me

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