Lookout Plan B: Find your Android Remotely

Don’t you hate that mini-heart attack you catch when you aren’t able to find your phone?  Sometimes we leave your cell-phones in perhaps the most unusual places and a rather unprecedented treasure-hunt begins. You wish you could just shout her name and she could come walking to you. Well, as there’s an app for almost everything, there’s an app which confines to the aforementioned hypothesis too. Not literally, though.

Lookout Plan B helps simplifies your treasure-hunt by drawing the road-map to your destination. The app was unveiled in Qualcomm’s UPLINQ 2012 conference in San Diego, where Lookout CEO John Hering talked about mobile security.

John Hering and his team have come up with a solution to tackle botnets, spam and malwares by developing an app which scans for threats from applications and keeps your phone’s location synced with their servers. Lookout’s easy to use and highly secure service helps you find your phone easily and remotely.

Dolefully, most smartphones do not have Lookout preinstalled. Lookout has found a quirky solution to this as well, provided your smart-phone confines to the two explicitly stated pre-requisite conditions listed below:

1)      Your phone should be ON

2)      Your phone should have an active data connection

Install this app by logging into Play Store from your Gmail account and get this application installed to your phone remotely.

The steps are mentioned below:

1)      Download the app remotely here. Click this link from your computer browser and send this to your device via Play Store.

2)      Plan B would start automatically and send the phone’s location to your Gmail address.

The phone will keep updating the address chronically for around 10 minutes. If you wish to track your phone after the lapsed time, you just need to text “locate” (without quotes) from your friend’s number to your phone and the app would be activated again. Plan B apparently uses cellular towers and GPS to locate your phone’s current position. It does that autonomously. No need to keep the GPS on.

With over 500,000+ downloads, this idea is already celebrated by millions of users worldwide. This app can revolutionize the way we interact with droids or the way we perceive droids. The line between smart-pets and smart-pads has now been infringed. While the former one is just some milk away, the latter one is just a click away.

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