LG’s Q-Voice to support English soon

Several mobile device manufacturers are bringing voice activated assistant to their mobile operating systems these days. It all started with Apple’s Siri. Siri is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator on Apple’s proprietary iOS. With the next OS update, iOS 6, the voice assistant will be capable of communicating with the user in several languages apart from English. After Apple, Samsung started shipping a voice activated assistant called S-Voice with its flagship phone for 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Even BlackBerry is joining the bandwagon by launching a Siri like voice assistant with BlackBerry 10 OS. The app was shown recently in version software update for BlackBerry10 Dev Alpha.

Newest company to join the party will be LG, with LG Quick Voice. Keeping LG’s track record until now in mind, the company has been following Samsung’s path since dawn of time. Samsung released S-Voice recently, but it seems LG knew Samsung’s plan long before anyone else in the industry knew. Unlike Samsung’s S-Voice, LG’s Quick Voice is currently available only in South Korea and limited to Korean speakers as currently it supports only Korean language, so if you don’t speak Korean, the voice activated assistant will be pretty much useless for you. With LG Quick Voice, the company wants to compete with Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S-Voice.

LG has been kind of a Samsung rip off company. They have been producing great phones like Optimus 4X HD for instance, and we hope they use some creativity of their own in future. Quick Voice is what LG calls its version of voice activated assistant in South Korea, however, they will be renaming it to Q-Voice when the software makes it to international shores. It would be better if they stick with Quick Voice name, as Q-Voice will be just another way to indicate that they are a Samsung rip off, and it will inform people that Q-Voice is nothing but S-Voice alternative, which puts a thought in minds of people as to why they shouldn’t be going for the real deal instead of a rip off, even though LG’s offering may be quite elegant and innovative. Hopefully they took that decision due to some trade mark issues.

LG’s Quick Voice is capable of doing some things which match Siri’s new features, such as firing up an app. Apart from that, Quick Voice can also send text messages, check out your stock prices, initiate phones call, search the internet, set alarms and many more. LG claims that Q Voice will be far better and more instinctive than what the competition has to offer as it makes use of “reasoning with a probabilistic model to find the best answer”, which means that it actually takes question into context rather than just looking up a database, giving it some kind of artificial intelligence. It is not known whether those claims are just some sort of marketing gimmick, and we will come to know that only when Quick Voice starts speaking English. As of now, it is restricted to Korean language, however, LG plans to bring English support and launch it in the international market in the first half of 2013. It will be called Q-Voice then.

We are pretty sure that more and more manufacturers will be joining the flow by launching their own iteration of voice activated software assistant in the near future. Nevertheless, it is great to have competition in market as it offers more choices to buyers. We hope all this innovation will bring us closer to times when we are fully dependent on a robot. How many of you folks are waiting for Q-Voice? Let us know using the comment form below.