Leaked Screenshots of Upcoming Metro-Style SkyDrive and Messenger Services

Microsoft is progressing towards incorporating the Metro design language in each and every product it is offering. Yes, that means from Xbox to Windows Server, everything Microsoft has, will be designed / redesigned according to Metro design. Moreover, the web properties owned by Microsoft such as Hotmail, SkyDrive, Messenger to name a few, will also be going through the Metro change very soon. Liveside posted a lot of screen shots of Web messenger services and SkyDrive in a metro design. When will these be available, is something we do not know at the moment; however, we did noticed a few new things.

  • Files can now be selected even in a thumbnail view, which is a new feature because this was only possible in detail view in the previous version. This option is available for both files and folders, so now you can perform action without having to change to detailed view.
  • Office document previews are now available even in the thumbnail view in Microsoft SkyDrive.
  • Groups that were previously Windows Live Groups are a part of SkyDrive now, so do not be alarmed if the page redirects you to SkyDrive instead of Windows Live groups.
  • All of SkyDrive options can now be found in one place. That means, options such as Office documents formats, people tagging, and managing storage can be accessed from one place now. Before Metro design, all these options were scattered around SkyDrive and Windows Live options, so this change will certainly make things easier from now on.
  • Logos and icons are also changed because you will see the new office 2013 icons as well as the new SkyDrive logo. The IE pinned sites show new icons and logos as well.

There will be a number of under the hood changes as well that we expect, such as the ability to embed documents, features enhancements and much more. The above-mentioned were just a few things that were noticed in the screen shots that were leaked. Keep in mind that the screen shots that were leaked are from the pre-released version of the SkyDrive and other Microsoft products, so everything you see or hear is subject to changes before it is finally released in due time.

There were also screenshots of Windows Live Devices website. This websites is used in order to manage folders synced from Windows Live Mesh application and to manage devices. The Windows Live Devices website also received a visit from Metro and where you used to see the 5 GB of “SkyDrive synced storage,” it is now renamed with “Mesh synced storage.” This is mainly to avoid any confusion between the two of these applications because of the fact that the new SkyDrive app for Mac and Windows provides cloud storage and sync capabilities.

So, these were the new things that will be coming in the new SkyDrive, but as mentioned earlier, these screenshots are from the pre-released version. So there might be some or great differences between what you just saw and what you will actually get.

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