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Leaked: Samsung Jasper with ICS, LTE, and Snapdragon S4 Processor Headed for Verizon

We heard a rumor about a new mid-range Android handset being developed by Samsung.  Now we know that Samsung has been working on the Samsung SCH-I200 codenamed Jasper.  Last week, some images leaked of the handset and the features are also out there. Jasper is an amazingly designed handset – a small factor and cute phone that is coming to Verizon wireless anytime soon.

The reports indicate that the Samsung Jasper packs a dual core 1.5 GHz processor and will be running on Android OS.  It also features an 800 X 480 pixels WVGA display and front and rear cameras.  There are no detailed specifications of the phone but what we know for sure is that it will come with the Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich OS.  This handset, it appears, is being touted to be a cheaper alternative to the Samsung Droid and Nexus S from Google.  The phone’s processor will be a Snapdragon S4.

On the rear of this handset is an engraving that it is a 4G LTE handset.  Those who want to take advantage of Verizon’s high 4G LTE performance to get a better browsing and multimedia experience.  Jasper seems to be the perfect low-cost handset for enjoying digital content and downloading files online.

Samsung sure is a market leader when it comes to phones – it cemented its dominance in the high end smartphone market with the launch of the SIII which is currently the finest and most powerful smartphone on the market.  With the release of the jasper, the company will try to take over the mid-range sector.

The release date and the price of the Samsung Jasper is currently unknown.  The company has not even confirmed the handset.  More details will certainly come soon but for now we will just have to speculate and hope.

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