Latest Survey Says More Than 50% Smartphones Run Android

Androids are in the lead and that lead is growing. According to the latest survey conducted by Com Score Mobi Lens, in the U.S. Android operating system operates on 50.9 percent of smartphones. In comparison, Apple’s iOS takes up 31.9 percent of the remaining share.

The survey conducted by Com Score Mobi Lens, took into account over 30,000 mobile subscribers, over a period of three months. The survey which ended in the month of May, surveyed not just what operating system is running on a phone but also many other smartphone related aspects.

The findings of the survey are as follows. Among handset manufacturers, Samsung leads the pack with a market share of 25.7 percent. Second in line is LG, whose smartphone, 19.1 percent of consumers use. Next comes Apple, which, though in the third position with 15 percent market share, has managed to get more of it’s iPhones in consumers’ hands compared to the last survey. Motorola, with a 12 percent, is at the fourth position and finally, HTC comes in at fifth with 6.1 percent.

Now coming to the operating systems. As mentioned earlier, Google leads in this department. It’s various versions of Android operating systems on multiple brands of handsets means that it has grown 0.1 percent from a few months back, to a figure of 50.9 percent. Apple’s iOS has to come in at number two. It’s share in the OS business is 31.9 percent. Again, not surprisingly, RIM’s BlackBerry OS is third with 11.4 percent, followed by Windows Phone at number four with 4 percent. Symbian has managed to get a 1.1 percent share.

Besides handset figures and OS market shares, the Com Score Mobi Lens survey has also covered smartphone user behaviour. It covers figures such as, how many people used text messaging and how many downloaded application on their phones. For the detailed official  report, click here.

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