Kobo eBooks App For Android Updated, Gets New Features And Better UI

Dedicated eBook readers have been around for quite sometime now. They are however prefered by only avid readers and among those, only by those who prefer the digital book over the paper kind. The extreme popularity of smartphones and tablets have, however, changed the equation. Now, reading a book has become a whole lot easier and convenient. This has led to even an occasional reader into regular reader. Smartphone and tablets have encouraged people of all ages to develop the reading habit. Helping make this healthy trend more popular are the various eBook reading applications, Kobo eBooks being one among the popular ones.

Kobo eBooks application for Android has now been updated to version 4.1 and it brings a whole new user interface and a few new features along with it.

Here is a list of updates that version 4.1 brings:

  • A revamped interface with easier navigation
  • New home screen design
  • Updated reading menu and page layout
  • Improved tablet support
  • Two page landscape view for tablets only
  • Ability to rate the books that you’re reading

Kobo is a free ebook reader application which is popular among reader due to some interesting and useful features such as Reading Life. With the Reading Life feature, Kobo keeps track of your reading habits and collects some interesting stats about your reading behavior. It also rewards as you continue reading. With the reading Life feature, you will also know who else is reading the same book as you are share your thought about the books you have read in the Kobo community with Kobo Pulse.

Kobo eBooks also lets you share quotes and notes with friends on Facebook and even lets you access books stored in your Dropbox account and email accounts. Kobo even supports a wide range of eBook formats, including iBooks’ EPUB format.

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