Kindles Replace Printed Bibles in Hotel

Printed copies of Bibles may become a thing of the past soon as Kindles will be the apparent heirs in bedside tables in hotels.
The InterContinental Hotels Group will be replacing printed Bibles in their rooms with Kindles starting July as part of their mission to modernize one of their hotels. The move will put an electronic copy of the Bible on Kindle e-readers at each of the 148 rooms at Hotel Indigo in Newcastle, England.
A Kindle Touch with Wi-Fi will be available for guests who want to search for their everyday Bible passage or catch up with their daily dose of
entertainment gossip or book in the Amazon Kindle Store.
While the chain is not modernizing its entire number of hotels, the Hotel Indigo was chosen for its pilot program due to its proximity to the
Philosophical Society of Newcastle, one of the largest libraries in the United Kingdom. If this pilot program is successful, other hotels in the chain
may follow suit.
As each Kindle e-reader costs around $139, the hotel is keeping a close tab on each device just like what they’re doing to any fluffy hotel robes,
which will be charged to a guest’s credit card.
For the first 2 weeks of the program, the hotel will be allowing free downloads to guests who want to read other religious texts not beyond $8 in
total value. Any extra downloads beyond the free $8 will be directly charged to their rooms. The only downside is that guests cannot bring the books with them as the Kindles will be wiped clean after a guest checks out.¬†Downloads will be synced to the hotel’s account so guests can only read the downloaded contents during their stay.

There will a wide-range of downloadable ebook contents to choose from since Amazon’s free e-book collection of up to 15,000 free titles will be made available.


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