Kindle Fire 2, iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note 2: Mini Tablet Wars to Begin

It appears that the new battle front is the mini-tablet market, the war on the smartphone and the tablet markets seemed to have yielded winners and losers.  The Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is rumored to be released on August 7.  The lines are drawn and with Apple preparing to release a min-tablet Apple iPad mini, the battle will be between Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2,Google Nexus 7, Apple’s iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  The most interesting of these three is Apple’s iPad mini which appears to target the low-cost market, something that Apple has never been keen on before.

According to a Taiwanese newspaper, the next generation Kindle Fire mini-tablet will be released in the first week of August.  The China Times newspaper also reported that the Fire 2’s components have already been shipped to Quanta, the world’s largest notebook computers manufacturer.  The newspaper goes ahead to report that the Kindle Fire 2 will boast of a metal frame and an updated high resolution from LG.  It is however not clear whether it will have an 8.9 inch or a 10 inch screen or both.

It is rumored that Amazon has ordered around 2 million units already but may order up to 200 million units in total.  The big question is therefore whether the Kindle Fire 2 will have what it takes in terms of specs to compete in the field previously dominated by iPad and whether Google Nexus 7 with Android Jelly Bean OS will have a greater advantage since it is the first on the market.  We know that Amazon has the advantage of content but Google has the advantage of service – Apple has the advantage of loyal fans and brand name and Samsung is famed for quality hardware specs.  As these devices prepare to enter the unexplored market, we just have to wait and see which will prevail, and which ones will be pushed to the side.

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  1. Apple is way behind the curve on this one. A 7″ iPad with no SIM card support will still be too big and non-funtional compared to the Samsung Note.

    As for “low cost”, it will be neigh impossible for Apple to initiate such A drastic change in its marketing and sales strategy.

    Also, even if it did, it will still fail as Apple revenue and survival are based on high profit margin per unit.

    Apple just don’t have the sales volume or variety to play the game at the low cost end.

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