Jelly Bean Preview Now Available for Samsung Galaxy S III – Credits, CyanogenMod Team

Samsung has literally uplifted from nowhere in the recent past in the mobile industry. Samsung has been launching a lot of products lately. A few days ago, the CynogenMod 10 was released for the several Samsung Galaxy S III variants in the US. The AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III, all of them got a good taste of the Jelly Bean. However, now it seems that the international I-9300 S III is getting the same treatment as well. So far with the CynogenMod 10, the FM radio is quite buggy and the WiFi tethering, so it still needs some more time to be worked on until all of it starts working properly again. However, the camera is working fine, but it is often unstable and FC’s on occasion.

However, readers and those interested, should bear in mind that these are just preview builds. These are not meant for full daily usage at the moment, so it is best not to use it for now. But, as far as our experience goes with developers, it is a sure thing that eventually, these all will be working fine and it will be on display for everyday usage. So, just for the moment, we all have to take a patient pill while the developers work their magic on it.

The CynogenMod is basically based on the Open Source Project of Android, but with extra contributions from a number of people who are working within the Android community. People can use CynogenMod without facing any need to have any sort of Google applications installed on their devices. CynogenMod for now, does not include various hardware-specif codes, but they are being open sourced slowly.

Known Issues

  • Some audio issues #blamecodeworkx
  • Transparency issues on home screen #blamesamsung
  • Wi-Fi tethering is semi-broken
  • – Camera is unstable, though taking pictures should work
  • FM radio

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

  • If it worked once then didn’t work anymore, reboot
  • If one camera app doesn’t work, try the other one (if you have two)
  • If you have no Camera icon in app drawer, remember you have a lock screen
  • Camera is now part of Gallery, that’s why you might have two (because of Gapps)

How To Install

  • Make sure to run CynogenMod 9 (CM9) or an AOSP-based ROM so you know you have everything already set-up
  • Download the zip file of CynogenMod 10
  • Download Gapps
  • Install the update zip from recovery
  • Install gapps
  • And Reboot


Gapps package

Preview #4:

BBQDroid Download #1

BBQDroid Download #2

Preview #3: BBQDroid Download #1, BBQDroid Download #2

Preview #2: BBQDroid Download #1, BBQDroid Download #2 & Dev-Host.

Keep in mind that you should only download and install it as per the instructions mentioned here. Moreover, you should also look for online support from Android forums that can help you in this regard, if you do not know how to work this thing properly. If you are not someone who does not know what CynogenMod 10 is and what it is meant for, then you should not try and install it on your device.

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