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Jelly Bean Music Player Ported to ICS

For those who want nothing but the best and the latest when it comes to listening to music, Google’s Jelly Bean music player would have been an elusive tool, that is up until now. The Xda-Developers report on their forum that they have successfully managed to port Jelly Bean music player to ICS and the older versions of the OS as well. For users this means additional features, an updated UI and, of course, the satisfaction that comes from walking around with the best and the latest in your palms.


For the uninitiated coming to the news of Jelly Bean music player ported to ICS, it is imperative to know that the JB music player, also popularly known as the Play Music, is the latest music player for the ever growing Android platform. Although it features very little in terms of real development over the ICS music player, it has a much better user interface and some new tools. While most of the Android smartphones would not be having a JB stock ROM, that does not mean you cannot still root your phone and use the 4.1 version’s music player. This is exactly what Steve0007 of the XDA-Developers Forum has done.

The easiest way to get the new Google Music on your device is by wiping clean the data of the old music player and then uninstalling it, followed by installing the new app using the PlayMusic.apk file available at the XDA-Developers forum. However there seems to be one last hurdle to using the app especially if you are outside theUS. Google location check blocks access for all nonUScustomers at this time, so you will need to bypass that using the Market Enabler. The Market 3.3.11 should be installed before you have downloaded and installed 4.1 Music Player. This will allow you the access to Play Store.

Via: XDA-Developers Forum

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