Jelly Bean can use Adobe Flash; Just not with Chrome Browser

Adobe Flash Player has been the epicenter of discussions revolving around the internet and particularly accessing the internet on a mobile device.  While most users hoped that android devices with Jelly Bean OS came pre-loaded with the Adobe Flash player, some felt that they did not need it or were indifferent about it altogether.

Adobe announced that the Ice Cream Sandwich would be the last Android OS that would be support the Flash player and this upset many people – especially those die hard surfers who feel that something has been snatched away from them.  The good news is, you do not have to stick to the Ice Cream Sandwich just because you want to be able to use the flash player – there is a way for you to get the flash player on your Jelly Bean OS although you will have to do without the Chrome browser.

A developer in the XDA developer community with a screen name stempox has managed to snag the Flash APK and side load it on Jelly Bean.  Surprisingly, it worked just fine.  This will be particularly useful for folks who have tablets such as the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean OS – especially since flash is automatically blocked by Adobe in the Google Play Store when accessed with a Jelly Bean device.


How to install the Flash Player on a Jelly Bean device

If you have a Jelly Bean device that is not Nexus 7, you will need to side load the APK and enable a few plugins.  Users with a Nexus 7 device will need to install the stock browser because Chrome does not support plugins (credits to XDA member Censura_Umbra).  The Nexus 7 device must be rooted!

For non Nexus 7 devices:

  1. Download Flash Player APK (version here 
  2. Copy the files to the memory card of your Android device (whether you have a smartphone or a tablet)
  3. Install the APK using any File Manager.
  4. Start your browser.
  5. On the browser settings, uncheck the Flash Player option.  Choose On demand or Always on depending on your preference.
  6. You have the latest Flash Player on your Jelly Bean device browser! Enjoy!


For users with Nexus 7:

  1. Ensure that your device is rooted.
  2. Download this browser from AOSP Jelly Bean Nexus S ROM
  3. Save the app in the /system/app folder then change permissions from from rw——- to rw-r–r–
  4. Important: If there is a browser provider.apk file and browser provider.odex you will need to rename them.  You can simply add a letter after the file extensions.
  5. Follow the instructions of installing the flash player on non-Nexus 7 device above.
  6. You have the latest Adobe player on your Jelly bean device! Enjoy.

Credits: User stempox and Censura_Umbra on XDA developers.