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iStabilizer Dolly Universal Smartphone Tripod Mount For $59.95

iStabilizer, the maker of lightweight tripods and mounts for smartphones and cameras, releases its newest innovation known as Dollyfor just $59.95; the industry’s first universal mount for portable devices to produce professional-style videos and amazing still photographs. True to its word, iStabilizer produces only state-of-the-art accessories to also produce better results. Simple and boring videos taken by smartphones or portable digital cameras could be made better using Dolly.

It is equipped with universal iStabilizer Mount to support iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Digital Cameras or any device that measures 7 centimeters (2.75 inches) wide. Outfitted with four considerably large wheels, it makes shots smoother when rolling shots while its 11-inch long arm supports the devices firmly and giving them the stability they need.

Being the first in the industry, this portable universal mount has the luxury of integrating features which the manufacturer believes would be helpful for both amateur and professional photographers.

Artistic Shots. While panning could be the best feature Dolly can offer to anyone who uses it, this advanced mount can also produce better tracking shots, time lapse or can capture stunning travel videos. It gives more focus on providing stabilized pictures and videos.

Smoother Capture. Dolly’s fairly long arm which can be adjusted in any angle provides stability and perfect angular shots while its four large wheels make sure that panning or rolling shots are smoother like professional videos. But, of course, it also depends how smooth the surface it is operating on.

Universal Compatibility. Any device that measures 2.75 inches wide can be mounted on Dolly. I would like to reiterate and almost all smartphones and digital cams available in the market today are compatible with this accessory. Therefore, compatibility is never an issue for this 60-dollar universal mount.

In an official press release, Noah Rasheta, Founder & CEO of iStabilizer made it clear that they are in pursuit to claiming the bigger chunk of the mobile accessory market while giving more focus on photography.

“Mobile devices like the iPhone have amazing cameras and give the masses an opportunity to film and photo their lives. This smartphone camera dolly makes it easy to turn your travel footage, blog post, skateboard video or whatever artistic creation you dream up, into a professional and captivating video. You can really produce some beautiful video that you’ll have a hard time convincing people was all done on your smartphone,” Rasheta said.

Dolly could be a great help for startup photographers who are still struggling to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Being exposed to accessories that are apparently helpful in producing high quality videos and pictures is one of the things amateurs badly need.

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