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Is Samung Releasing Two Versions of the Galaxy Note II?

New reports are saying that Samsung might be releasing two separate versions of the Galaxy Note II. One version would cater to consumers in the United States while another could be headed for Europe. This theory would help explain why there are conflicting rumors about the device’s official launch, which Samsung, to date, has not announced.

August seems to be a likely month for the unveiling of the Galaxy Note successor. Last week, Samsung sent out an invitation for a press event on August 15 in New York. During the event, the company would be giving a major announcement on the latest member of their Galaxy line of devices. The problem was that Samsung did not specify which device it was revealing. Some believed it was the Galaxy Note II, while others thought it could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

On the other hand, another Samsung event is scheduled on August 30 in Berlin, Germany. That event takes place a day before the IFA trade show which will happen in the same city. It was rumored that there would be an Unpacked event on that date where Samsung would be revealing either the Galaxy Note II or the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Now, however, a new speculation from the folks at cropped up. They claim that the Galaxy Note II will be unveiled in the United States on August 15 whereas the European version will be showcased for the first time on August 30.

Android Authority conjectures that the two launches could mean that the two versions could have slight differences that could justify the separate launch dates. This is a practice that had been done by other companies that release devices with quad-core processors in Europe and offer them with dual-core processors in the United States.

On the other hand, Samsung has been known to release devices in Europe first before they are unveiled in the U.S., although Samsung could, of course, make exceptions.

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