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Irony: Now an Android app to Keep Check on Police

What goes around comes around.

Cops keep check on civilians and monitor their activities. The dynamics are soon going to alter and it would be an Android app swirling the change and putting you in the driving seat.

A US civil rights advocacy group has launched an Android app- “Police Tape” that would allow civilians to monitor and record cop-activity. The app allows you to discretely record and store interactions with police.

That makes us question the motive behind this app. How secure is this? Well, if the app developers are to be believed the medium in which the transmission and recording takes place is highly secure. There is no remote possibility of eavesdropping,

The primary motive behind this app is to pre-eminently improve the accountability of police. And the best way to do that is to put the civilians in charge. Tracking the proceedings helps people know the credibility of the cops and at the same time force the cops for being proactive. The civlians can now report the negligence or carelessness on the part of cops as they now would have an audio evidence to support their claims.

“Too often, incidents of serious misconduct go unreported because citizens don’t feel that they will be believed.” – Deborah Jacobs, executive officer of ACLU.

The Android application can be downloaded from the ACLU website, New Jersey. Like most traditional apps, which run in background and often get noticed, this would just disappear from your screen. You can even send the recorded audio file to ACLU for record-maintenance and work-analysis.

The app also inhibits a “Legal advice” column which lets citizens know their primary rights. There have been several rulings before in which citizens were unaware about their rights when they had a rough confrontation with inadvertent cops.

A similar application for iPhone is under development and would soon be released on the app-store as well. Yeah, perhaps the first case of reverse app genesis: First on Android, than on Apple.

Nevertheless, the effort made is commendable and the motive, highly appreciable.

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