iPhone 5 to use nano SIM

Apple is known to try out new things with each launch, and with iPhone 5’s launch, it is confirmed that Apple will be using nano SIM card slots.

Apple has been assertive about its “nano SIM” standard and has been offering royalty free licensing for its own “nano-SIM” standard, but competitors have objected this move and are said to have submitted their own designs for a compact next-generation SIM card, but on the contrary, The Financial Times reported this week that carriers in Europe are stockpiling nano SIM cards in preparation for iPhone 5’s launch.

It has been rumored that the next gen iPhone will be carrying a smaller SIM tray and will be using even smaller SIM card standard than what it is using now.

Multiple carrier sources have exclusively told BGR that Apple is supplying nano-SIM adapters so its carrier partners can test how nano-SIMs work on their networks in standard test devices before they are widely deployed when the new iPhone is introduced. This includes AT&T.

One reason why operators are piling up their stock of nano sim is because when iPhone 4 and original iPad were launched two years ago, both the devices were using micro SIMs and carriers were caught struggling to meet the demand, and hence this could be a precautionary measure. iPhone 5 is expected to be similar to iPhone 4 in size, however it will be featuring a slimmer metal body, and will be making use of nano SIM in order to keep things compact.

Previously in May, an iPhone parts vendor had posted images which were supposedly legitimate images of iPhone 5’s SIM tray. The SIM tray was found to be identical to what is found on iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. It also had a flat edge which suggests that iPhone 5 will have be having a flat edged form factor as a tapered surface is required for the device to have rounded edge. The tray, however was nearly identical to a micro SIM card tray, and if the image was legitimate, seems like Apple has made a last minute decision to go for nano SIM.

Apple will also be using a micro dock connector on all the future iOS devices as opposed to 30 pin dock connector found on all the iOS devices and some of the products from iPod lineup.

The next gen Apple iPhone will be featuring 4G LTE, 1GB of RAM and NFC and seems like the company will be targeting a September – October timeframe for launch of this device.

via BGR

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