iPhone 5 Coming With Quad-Core Processor, Rumors Say

It appears that whatever would be the mutual differences and current state of affairs between the two giants of the tablet and smartphone market, Apple is looking up to Samsung when it comes to the release of their fifth generation iPhone. Market rumors are suggesting that at the heart of the iPhone 5 will be the Samsung quad-core processor.


Yes, this is the same Exynos quad-core processor that currently powers the Samsung Galaxy S3. With this news about the iPhone 5 quad-core processor and its likely supplier, speculations are adrift as to whether Samsung will actually open up their components store for Apple.

With all the ill feelings and legal tussles that the two manufacturers have been going through for some time and the recent ban on sales inflicted on the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the US market by Apple, one can only wonder whether Samsung will actually help Apple release something that is going to eat away their Galaxy S3 sales.

However, in the past Samsung has lived up to its reliability as a components supplier as they have usually ignored any enmities and still provided components to other manufacturers. As such it may not come entirely as a surprise if Apple does manage to get an entry into the Samsung store.

This leaves the industry watchers with a bit of a dilemma about the fate of the Apple A6 processor, the likely chip that was expected to power the iPhone 5. With Samsung now going to be the likely supplier of the iPhone 5 quad-core processor, the A6 project appears to be postponed. It could, as an alternative, also be used in the rumored Apple 7-inch tablet that the industry expects to be announced in October. At this point what we can do is to wait and watch.

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