iPhone 4S wireless charging mod

Battery life is a big problem in today’s smartphones, and iPhone is not an exception in this case. If you’re a heavy user, you’ll find yourself charging your phone more often. How about adding more convenience to the charger? How about making the charging process wireless? We’ve seen Palm Pre using the touchstone wireless charging dock. There was a mod which enable wireless charging on the Nokia Lumia 800 too, and it should be definitely possible on an iPhone as well. Well, if you’re brave enough, it is possible. A bloke named Tanveer, who happens to be a doctor as well, applied the same principles to his iPhone 4S and the result is clear – he can charge his iPhone 4S wirelessly.

Like the Lumia 800 mod which voided the warranty, this mod is no different and the rules still hold good. This mod will take away the warranty, and you have to be comfortable with disassembly of device and soldering wires.

Things that you’ll need to pull this off are – very thin gauge wire, a spare charger port assembly, an iPhone back, and a wireless charger circuit. There are various wireless charging solutions out there, but Tanveer has used Powermat system as his wireless charger as it works flawlessly and he’s very pleased with its performance, nevertheless, his procedure should work fine with any of the chargers out there.

The above video created by Tanveer demonstrates the process. First, he solders wires from the charging port to the USB points on the Powermat receiver. Since this mod requires a wireless charging circuit, which will add 1mm extra thickness to the iPhone’s back, he has modified the back cover in order to house all these parts. After reassembling the back cover, the phone still retains its regular functionality and feel. Also, the phone is still capable of charging via a charger. We suggest you to go ahead with this mod only if you value the convenience more than the device’s warranty.

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