iPad Support Now Added to Xbox iOS App

Xbox users always felt the need to use a remote to browse through the console’s media and for controlling playback of content. However, this sort of remote enabling options were available on Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone, but recently another addition was made to this list, enabling iPad’s to be used a remote control for such matters. This was a much needed update from Microsoft that made this update a few days ago while updating its Xbox Live app for iOS. This app can be downloaded for free from the Xbox Live app Store.

With the Xbox Live app, you can take your Xbox experience anywhere with you. You can use this app in order to compare or track your achievements with your friends or connect with your friends on Xbox Live. You can also change your 3D avatar with the Xbox Live app as well. Furthermore, with this app, you can get the breaking news from Xbox Live, access Xbox Spotlight feeds, learn about the latest Live apps and games, and much more.

The Version 1.6 of Xbox Live app just got better when it included the much needed support that was for iPad users. In the past, iPad users could not use their iPad in order to navigate through the Xbox Live. Xbox users needed an easily controllable remote to perform navigation and other tasks on the Xbox Live, which were although possible, but difficult with the conventional Xbox controllers. In the past, or should I say, before the iPad support came, Xbox users were using their Windows Phone, Android devices, and iPhone in order to navigate and browse through the Xbox Live features. However, as you can imagine, doing so can become difficult on a small screen and can also take more time as well.

Gone are those days when that used to be a problem because the iPad support on the Xbox Live app just made things even more easier for Xbox users as they can enjoy browsing through the Xbox Live on a rather bigger screen than they used to.

Specifically, the version 1.6 that also includes iPad support allows users to use iPad with their Xbox to control, connect, and to discover content on the Xbox game console. They can use the iPad to connect to Xbox in order to access the quick list of their most recent console activity or they can even use it to play content, pause, rewind, and fast forward media controls. iPad can also be used to find fresh media on Xbox Live. This and plenty much more that you can now do with your iPad on the Xbox Live.

The iOS also included an update for iPhone. However, it was only bug fixes. So, users who were having bug issues should try using their iPhone to control Xbox Live again to see if the bugs they were encountering are fixed or not.

The iPad support for Xbox Live was a much need and much awaited support that more or less the Xbox Live users were begging for. It is out now, so it time for you to enjoy Xbox Live in a new, free-er way.