iPad Mini: Rumors Suggest a Quite Affordable 7-inch Tablet

The iPad mini rumors are going on for some time now. With the advent of the BlackBerry Playbook, the Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, rumors have started to take concrete shapes. Add to that the fact that the mini tablet market is fast becoming a lucrative option for manufacturers, which Apple should not and cannot ignore for long.


As recently as in March, soon after the iPad 3 release, a statement was made by a Samsung official in the Korea Times, according to which, a 7.85-inch version of the iPad tablet was being developed by Apple. The tablet can be expected to hit the stores by the end of the year, giving rise to speculation that Apple is genuinely interested in the entry-level market quite seriously.

To add fuel to the fire, both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg had reported that Apple has been working on an 8-inch tablet. All these rumors are surely giving birth to a lot of speculation. Since not much is conclusively been made aware of, apart from the screen size, which is to be less than 8 inches, not much is known about the remaining aspects of the tablet. So the rumors could very well be nothing and merely speculations, or could materialize into something more. But if it does come out eventually as being speculated later this year, the mini tablet market could see some major shockwaves.

Apple for one is not going to sit and watch while its competitors devour the mini tablet market. They would be compelled to act, probably they are already doing it. On the other hand we could even expect to see an updated and revamped iPod model for all that matters.

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