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International Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Local Search Update

With all the controversy between Samsung and Apple many thought that Samsung removed the local search functionality off of their Galaxy S III to hopefully avoid another patent filing. This was all just speculation though and it only happened on the International version. It was surprising that the U.S version didn’t get that same update. At the same time that probably means it had nothing to do with the litigation’s. Samsung reinstated the local search feature (that I can guarantee is rarely used) today with a 5MB OTA update. This update also included some stability improvements along with a new Linux Kernel that was built just yesterday.

A spokeswoman recently told Tech Radar: “The most recent software upgrade for the Galaxy S III in the UK included the inadvertent removal of the universal search function. Samsung will provide the correct software upgrade within the next few days.” It’s almost hard to believe it was all an accident but nonetheless it is back through today’s update.

Taking patents and court orders out of the picture it is nice to see that Samsung continues to keep their latest flagship, the Galaxy S III, up to date along with keep customers happy with the reinstatement of the local search functionality. It’s nice to see updates to improve the overall performance of the device, I am not really sure what this new Linux Kernel is all about though. Samsung is making some very silent and suspicious additions to the software since the Apple vs Samsung litigation. Concerning the new Linux Kernel that was supposedly “built in a day” would this have to deal with any more patents from Apple too or could it just be another part of the overall performance of the device?

I don’t know if Samsung will eventually get rid of the local search functionality in U.S version. If you think about it, it is very likely that they will get rid of it due to the supposed “patent” violations that Apple is claiming against Samsung. Again, it’s not a guarantee but don’t be surprised if it magically disappears because it is very well possible.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the local search functionality has been removed from U.S Galaxy S III devices to a patent claim by Apple saying that Samsung is infringing on one of it’s search features.  Whether this is the local search functionality or not, we don’t know. It does seem likely though as this was removed right after they claimed the violation. This Samsung vs Apple litigation is really getting old and tiring. Apple is really feeling the “school bully” in this lawsuit.

What do you think of all of this? Is it time for the litigation against Apple vs Samsung to just end? Is it right that Apple is trying to get as much money as possible off of Samsung because of supposed patent “violations” or has Apple overstepped their bounds and needs to back down? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Slash Gear

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