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International Roaming Data Plan Decoded

Since Olympics is happening next month and many of us will be traveling to London, what’s better than having your smartphone or iPad connected to the grid right from the moment you step out of the airplane? You may be miles from home, but you shouldn’t be far from information. Let’s take look at some of the affordable roaming options which various carriers have on offer.

AT&T recently made their international data roaming reasonable. The base line price, which was $24.99/month has been increased to $30 per month, but the data limit has increased from 50MB to 120MB, which is a great deal since 120MB used to cost $50 previously. Next plan will cost $60 and will have a cap of 300MB. AT&T’s maximum allotment is a modest 800MB, which will set you back by $120 a month. The icing on cake is however the overage price, in which AT&T is charging $30 for every 120MB over your limit.

In order to activate, you’ll have to first identify the AT&T roaming partners for your destination country by visiting

The carrier recently updated its Global Data Plan. Verizon is charging a modest $25 a month for 100MB of data that can be used in over 120 countries. The new plan will cover South America, Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada. Once the 100MB limit is crossed, you’ll be billed another $25 while increasing your data cap by another 100MB.

You can visit for more information about the plan.


In order to use T-Mobile Internet abroad, you will have to activate International roaming, which is free. There isn’t any specific data plan available, and T-Mobile is on the costlier side at $10 per MB in Canada and $15 per MB in other countries.

If you don’t mind signing up with a local carrier, you can sign up for a O2 data plan as they have pretty nice deals on offer. First plan costs £2.04, which lasts for 24 hours and gives you access to 200MB of data and unlimited WiFi transfers. The second plan sets you back by £10.21 while giving access to 1GB of data transfer and unlimited WiFi transfer for 30 days. The third plan costs £15.32 and offers 2GB + unlimited WiFi for 30 days. These plans are really economical if your stay in UK is going to be long enough.

Should you plan to use internet overseas without any specific data plan activated, below are the prices levied by various major networks:
AT&T: $19.97/ MB; $15.36/ MB in Canada
Verizon: $2.05/ MB Canada; $5.12/ MB Mexico; $20.48/ MB everywhere else
T-Mobile: $10/ MB Canada; $15/ MB everywhere else
Sprint: $16.38/ MB everywhere

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