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Installing Jelly Bean Keyboard on Your Ice Cream Sandwich Phone or Tablet

One of the most awesome features on the Android Jelly Bean version is the inbuilt keyboard.  While the keyboard is almost similar to the keyboard in its predecessor the Ice Cream Sandwich, they performance of the Jelly Bean keyboard out-performs its predecessor by far.  The good thing it has over the ICS keyboard is the prediction engine.  When predictions are properly done, they prove to be very beneficial to a user who types a lot.

The prediction-filled keyboard has now been ported to the Ice Cream Sandwich OS but for devices running Android ICS 4.0.3 and above, thanks to a developer called Beansoft.  The Jelly Bean Keyboard as it is called is now available on Google Play Store although it is just on its early Alpha stage.  Being an early build, it is likely that the keyboard has a number of bugs but most users who have reviewed it already after trying it seem to be contented with its performance.

There are a number of known limitations though to the full next word prediction feature – the auto prediction is only supported in English language.  The user dictionary which is popular on the original keyboard on the Jelly Bean version is however not supported on the ported version on Ice Cream Sandwich at this time, trying to force it closes the keyboard.  Aside from English, other languages supported by the keyboard are German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Russian and French.

If you are going to get the Jelly bean keyboard on Google Play Store  and install on your Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone or tablet, do not forget to first head to ‘Language and Input’ in the settings menu and choose the Jelly Bean Keyboard as the default input because it is not set as the default keyboard automatically once installed.  Once you have given it a try, please do come back here and tell us how you find it and if you would recommend to new users.

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