Indoor Google Maps now available in England


Given England’s notoriously dreary weather, people tend to spend a lot more time indoors than outdoors, and Google is all set to makes people’s life easier in UK by launching indoor maps for Android devices.

We get lost most often indoors, and this new feature will revolutionize what Google maps could do till now. If you’re at a railway station and trying to figure out where to get a cup of coffee before your train arrives, you need not waste your time asking people around to navigate because your Android device will have all the answers regarding directions you’ll ever need indoors in the palm of your hand. So if you’re at a museum, department store or a shopping centre, you’ll have the floor plan right on your handheld device.

In order to view the indoor map, all you need to do is open Google Maps on your Android mobile phone, zoom in the target location and the indoor floor plan will appear. And, if you’ve ‘My Location’ feature enabled on your device, you can also view your current position within the building. Indoor maps is as functional as its outdoor counterpart, and if you select a destination within the building, Google maps will show you the direction, even if you’re on a completely different floor.

Since the feature is still in its infancy, only 40 U.K. venues, including art galleries to sporting venues to airports, are covered on the indoor maps. For businesses who can’t wait to receive the new treatment, Google provides an option to upload the floor plan for future map integration. Indoor maps are currently available only for select locations around U.K., Canada, the U.S., Switzerland and Japan.

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