Images of iPhone 2012 “Leaked”

The hype and anticipation created by iPhone 5 can’t be denied world over. Today it appears that further images of the 2012 model of the iPhone, aka IPhone 5 have been leaked.  Following on from previous image leaks, most of us were getting to have a good idea of what the next generation iPhone would look like and even Apple themselves by now has probably given up on trying to conceal every little image or component part from becoming public knowledge.

The iPhone 5 is highly anticipated, especially with the Samsung Galazy S3 and Galaxy Nexus being at the fore of Android and with Windows Phone 8 devices expected to arrive in 2013. So what do the latest leaked images tell us?  Well courtesy of KitGuru, the images obtained show what is thought to be a pre-release test model and therefore may still be subject to final design stages, but it’s not expected that the final design will be significantly different.

According to photos posted by GottaBeMobile, the phone is 12cm/120mm in length, making it around 5cm/50mm taller than the iPhone 4S, but with a similar thickness of around 5.5cm/50.5mm.  Whilst Apple has previously stated that 4-inch screens  aren’t optimal for mobile devices, the IPhone 5 is rumoured to be using a 4-inch screen, an opinion perhaps influenced by the rise of plus 4inch phones, most particularly the massive success of the Samsung Galazy S3 which is set to hit 10 million sales by the end of July.

Not changed, the back camera remains on the top left-hand corner and if there is any change to the camera lens, it is not noticeable.  Apple has added a microphone between the camera and flash, which according to GottaBeMobile will be “used for video recording and noise reduction to improve call quality”.

Whilst the photos don’t provide conclusive evidence, since they are all-metal mockups, other photos have suggested the glass back is gone, presumably as a result of reports from users that it shatters easily.  A concept video bringing together this and previous leaks show the device with an aluminium back.

Other changes include the relocation of the headphone jack from the top of the device to the bottom, while the speaker grills also appear to be redesigned and with changes to the pin port, no longer the previously seen large sized 30 pin connection, but a smaller, sleeker 16 pin design.

The antenna is unchanged from the IPhone 4S, so no sudden dropped calls.  Whilst it’s unknown what battery is going to be used, the almost identical form factor could possibly mean that the current iPhone 4 battery will be used, however, a better processor and 4G LTE support could result in a poorer battery life.  It is reported that battery shortages are putting the iPhone 5 launch window in doubt.

So, with the plethora of previous leaks, do we think we now have the right idea of how this smartphone will look when it’s finally launched, anticipated to be later in 2012 and if we do, is it likely to be on your shopping list?