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iFixit Android app- strictly for saucy Geeks who like to do it themselves

Ever wondered how your phone looks from the inside? Feel flabbergasted when you see online pictures/ video tutorials of gadgets which are totally dismantled? Wonder who does that?  (Most of us feel scared even when we open the back flaps of our phones.) Well, let’s finally unravel this mystery for you and introduce you to a saucy, geeky community- iFixit.

The community which dismantles probably every gadget on the earth and releases fun-to-read, easy-to-follow tutorials which help people to repair their gadgets on-their-own just went mobile. No matter how ironical it may sound, but you can now learn how to disassemble your smart-phone from your smart-phone itself. The iFixit Android app just released on Google Play Store allows you to access guides, walk-throughs, tutorials and tips instantly.

iFixit community has pioneered the ‘takedown’ of the likes of iPads, Nexuses and Macs and their site pays homage to some finest digital autopsies. This site quite apparently appeals to geeks and tinkerers who love tweaking and tinkering with their gadgets.

Nevertheless, as they say every cloud has a silver lining, like ways, there is a serious side to iFixit as well. After ‘tear-down’, each dissected piece of the gadget is given a reparability score. That indicates how robust and cohesive the components really are. Though Apple products are easily recyclable, they are the ones which have the lowest reparability score. Hence, if you tear/break down you Mac, better to claim your insurance and replace it than to tweak it with iFixit.

The guides offered are extremely well-composed, fun-to-read, easy-to-follow and extremely captivating. Though you may need some specialized machinery/tools to dismantle your device and you may also need the worn-out parts, but if you follow the tutorials closely, you can irrefutably fix it with iFixit.

Even if iFixit can’t fix your device, it quenches your curiosity as to what sits inside your phone’s hood and how you could take your phone apart.

Embark the fascinating journey by downloading this amazing app from Play Store now.

Start fixing, start exploring.

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