HTC Teases New Tablet With Unique Feature

Microsoft was recently reported to have been unhappy about the fact that HTC is planning to develop a tablet for its Windows RT. Apparently, Microsoft feels that HTC does not have enough time under its belt in the tablet market to be experimenting with its dedicated operating system for the handheld device sector.

It is also that HTC surely has not been able to secure a foothold even in the Android tablet market yet. So it is quite premature for them to be already trying to step on to a different platform. It seems Microsoft did not like HTC’s concept of trying to run before it can walk.

News has come that HTC has decided to revamp its tablet portfolio and include something that it has not yet been offered to its customers. What does that have in store for the consumers? If we look back, HTC Flyer was one of the earliest tablets that came with a stylus. So HTC is not a novice when it comes to adopting new features and technologies into their products. There are a few features however we would love to see more frequently in most of the tablets that are on sale in the market.

Having said that, there have hardly been many improvements in the last period, in terms of general usability or hardware, so whatever HTC is trying to develop at this point, we hope that it will fulfill its expectations.

There are no updates about when HTC’s new tablet is expected to hit the market. At this point, it’s all under tight wraps and probably even in the designing board. With the tablet market poised to get heated up with the coming of the Google Nexus 7, iPad 3 and the rumored iPad Mini, we can surely hope that HTC has more to offer than just promises to surprise us when it comes to their tablets.

Via: PocketNow

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