HTC PM63100, Successor to HTC One X

The Taiwanese company has really made an immediate impact with its new launch. New benchmarks have turned up on the GL Benchmark website that suggests that HTC may well be trying to one-up itself on it One X by the release of a phone known as PM63100. HTC was quick on the draw with quad-core smartphones, grabbing a market share with it’s One X well in advance of Samsung and LG’s quad-core entries.  Though since then, the market has seen the introduction of models like Droid Incredible 4G LTE, many believe that nothing currently matches the HTC One X.

According to GL Benchmark, the new model, PM63100, a 1.7Ghz, 1196 x 720, Android 4.0.4 smartphone goes by the codename “Evitareul”, thought likely to be a new iteration of the HTC One XL which has the codename “Evita”.

The new phone has a 1.7Ghz quad-core Tegra 3 CPU, making it a full 200Mhz faster than the 1.5Ghz used in the One X.  The information captured by GL Benchmark shows that the phone will be running on the recently released Android 4.0.4, however, with the release of Jelly Bean 4.1, and with devices like the Nexus 7 already running this, it’s conceivable that moves will be made to run the PM63100 on Jelly Bean.

The benchmarks submitted by the GL Benchmark app are only for the GL Benchmark 2.1 Egypt Off screen 720p and GL Benchmark 2.1 Off screen 720p tests.  The results show 8214 Frames and 4268 respectively.  This compares favourably with results from the HTC One X, of 7325 Frames and 4739 Frames.  The better results correspond with the 200 Mhz speed increase to 1.7Ghz from 1.5Ghz.

It’s not yet known how the smartphone will be branded, but considering the Sensation series branding, it’s widely anticipated the phone will carry the One XL or One XXL branding.

Since the brand name provided in the system information is “cingular_us”, which is the name adopted by AT&T Mobility in the United States (formerly Cingular Wireless LLC), it is anticipated that the device is destined for use with AT&T’s LTE network.

The release of the new model will be seen as some as an attempt to turn around the fortunes of HTC, who have been suffering from a slump in recent months.  The Taiwanese smartphone maker recently reported a 58% fall in net profits to $248m in the three months ending in June.  Additionally, in June, the group cut its forecast by revenue by 13%, warning it was anticipating lower profits for each handset sold.  This news came as one of its main rivals, South Korean Samsung Electronics posted record second quarter earnings, largely due to the success of its Galaxy smartphone.

HTC’s chief executive, Peter Chou is quoted as saying that the company hopes the launch of new models in the second half of the year will help sales and profits to rebound. Almost certainly, the PM63100 is likely to be a key model in that hoped for revival of fortune. So, we can hope to see more goodies coming from HTC as I am sure, HTC fans would love it.

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