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HTC One XL and One S will get Jelly Bean According to Australian Carrier Telstra


Australian carrier Telstra has mentioned that the Android 4.1 update will be rolled out to the HTC One S and One XL. Sadly though, the carrier failed to give out a specific date. However, it’s pleasing enough for the users to know that an update is on the horizon with HTC believed to be “preparing the update”. It must be noted though that Telstra’s word doesn’t count as confirmation as there’s still no word from HTC, or an exact roll out date as we mentioned.

Also, there’s no info about the roll out for the American and global versions of the device. It goes without saying that HTC would support its flagship smartphones, that’s what we’ve come to expect from manufacturers of late. What’s surprising though is that there’s mention of the HTC One XL but not the One X which is a global flagship. We might get to hear about it soon though. As I recall, HTC was the first to come out with a word about the Jelly Bean update as soon as Google made it available. The company mentioned that it would review the update as soon as Google makes it available to manufacturers.

Google has to make the PDK available to the manufacturers for us to even begin thinking of an update. It is hoped that it won’t take as long as it did with the Ice Cream Sandwich update. According to Talk Android, Google has suggested that it will make the PDK available early to a few manufacturers so that the whole process can be streamlined and the users can get their hands on the new OS as soon as possible. We’re not sure if new low end HTC smartphones like the One V and the Desire C will get to see the same fate though. Next up should be Samsung which has remained rather silent on updates. But given the company’s history with Google, the update should be available fairly soon. Google’s Nexus devices are about to rock Android 4.1 with the Galaxy Nexus getting the update recently.

Will other manufacturers follow suit, or will HTC be first to the party? We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Telstra
Via: Talk Android

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