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HTC Era 42 (One X+) Rumored to be Coming to T Mobile in September

Many people got excited when HTC announced the One line of devices that would come with the impressively powerful NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core processors.  Sadly, this was not the processor that the devices destined for the US market were running on.  NVIDIA and Samsung have been in partnership to develop quad-core processors that will run perfectly well on handheld devices (smartphones and tablets) but they just are not on the market yet.  However, there was a leak earlier today of a screenshot from T-Mobile which indicates that HTC may be working on a new smartphone to be launched on T-Mobile and it could be running on the Tegra 3 processor.

The rumor is that the smartphone could be the next T-Mobile branded G series device.  The phone, codenamed HTC Era 42, could very well be the HTC One X+.  We have had rumors over the last couple of months that T-Mobile would be get the One X+ but everyone was surprised when they released the One S instead.  It appears that the HTC Era 42 smartphone will have a Tegra 3 Plus 1.7 GHz quad-core processor and may be released sometime in September.

Unless there are other carriers who have similar plans, T-Mobile may be the first to take advantage of the eager market awaiting a quad-core based device designed and developed to take advantage of the ever-improving data speeds and speed thirsty applications on its network.  It also appears that the 42 attached to the Era 42 name could be pointing at the HSPA+ 42Mbps speed capability of the handset.

The HTC Era 42 smartphone may have a similar design to the HTC One X with a 720p display and may come pre-loaded with the newest version of Android, the Jelly Bean.  Given the praise that the HTC One X received upon unveiling, it is expected that the Era 42 will attempt to uphold that by unveiling even improved features and a better price.

We are not sure what T-Mobile’s plans are, we will just have to hold on a little longer and see what HTC and T-Mobile partnership has in store for its fans.

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