How would Yahoo look like in the ‘Mayer’ regime?

Imagine this:  A graduate from the world’s most prestigious college soars through engineering ranks to become a top exec at the world’s most innovative company and is on the brink of controlling the world, when the climax disrupts the auspicious story-line.

In an audacious-cum- enigmatic move (subject to your definition of courage), she abdicates her momentous spaceship to bail out a despondently drowning ship.

The story is ‘not ordinaire’, but then so is our extra-ordinaire heroine, who abandons her life of respect, riches and convenience, only to bring into life a company, which has been struggling throughout . Yes, we are talking about Merrisa Mayer- ex Google top-exec, being crowned as the new CEO of Yahoo Inc.

People are head over heels following this emphatic announcement, as her role in driving Google to the apogee was pivotal. She was the first female engineer hired at Google and ever since has played a crucial role in developing number of Google products. She has designed exquisite yet simple interfaces for some elite Google products like Google News or iGoogle- the customized news reader, Google Images, Google Doodle, Google Desktop search, Google Checkout, Google Translate, Google Earth, Google Maps and the list is endless (nearly 100 different Google products).

Her appointment on the contrary comes at a time when Yahoo is in turmoil; registering losses in consequent quarters and struggling to be headed by a quixotic leader.  Mayer apparently is the 3rd Yahoo CEO in a year and she joins Yahoo as something of a celebrity. Having established herself as one of the most leading women in Silicon Valley, the onus would be on her to turn the tables and put Yahoo back in the driving seat.

People are excited to know what changes she would embark, what simplifications she would deploy in order to set things straight for Yahoo Inc. Will Yahoo also look like Google or even better, would it work like Google? What would be distinctive about Yahoo to give it an upper-edge over its fellow rival? How would the redesigned Yahoo home-page possibly look like?

Well, we would like to unleash one subtle attempt made by Melvin Tercan, which comes close in demonstrating what could be a very effective designing concept. This is what Yahoo could “possibly” look like: (see:

The design though uses Google Search as its template; it succeeds in highlighting some of the strongest assets Yahoo has- Mail, Search, Flickr, News and Finance. With Mayer in the reign, you expect the tab-space to get smaller to fit-in all products and the scope of the apps to get broader than ever before.


How different do you think would Yahoo look like in the Mayer reign? Would she stick to the golden simplicity or would she give her users, more controls, more features, more power?

Let us know your perceptions on how the redesign of world’s most awaited home-page would possibly look like.

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