How to Survive Internet Doomsday?

Okay let’s just start by saying that the Mayans never predicted this. So this is not one of those standard end of the world doomsday predictions that we hear almost everyday. Ok, so what is Internet doomsday and how is it going to affect people like you and me?


Well, if you spend as much time online as an Internet freak does, then this will probably affect you. You may have glanced upon the recent reports in TV and the newspapers about a Trojan known as DNSChanger. This is what it does basically. It infects your computer and starts redirecting your DNS requests via a set of DNS servers that the makers of this Trojan have designed. This is known as click jacking and is purely financial. The makers of this Trojan get to boot millions of dollars worth of advertising and Internet traffic as a result of this simple reroute.

The FBI had launched a worldwide search and, in November 2011, they identified and apprehended the people behind this and confiscated the servers involved. However, by that time, nearly 4 million computers in private and public sectors across the globe had already been infected. As such the investigative authority continued to have these servers up and running but instead of click jacking, it continued to providing correct DNS data. But they also had a cut of date for killing these servers. That date was March 8th, 2012. However, it was later revised to Monday July 9, 2012. On this date all the original malicious DNS servers will be taken off the Internet and those computers (the IID suggests that around half a million) that still have the virus in their systems will not be able to access the Internet.

The best way to check whether your computer is infected is to go here and run a simple check. If you do find your computer to be infected, you need to get yourself a Malware cleaner which can remove any malicious codes in your computer along with the removal of the DNS configurations. At the same time, you will also need to remove the DNS information from your router.

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