How Smartphones Changed People’s Lives

Smartphones ended up playing an important role in people’s lives, producing many changes in their lifestyle, sociologists believe.

How is our life influenced by smartphones? There’s no unequivocal answer about the positive or negative influence exerted by the emergence of smartphones in people’s lives.


Sociologist Sherry Turkle, expert in the field of new technologies and professor at the Technical University of Massachusetts, said that it’s clear that smartphones have changed our lives dramatically. She continued by saying that she feels comfortable with such a device, seeing it as a part of herself, while she feels like a human robot.

People began to write more than talk

In this regard, American expert recalls about another change, equally important, occurring in the consciousness of contemporary users of digital phones: people began to write more than talk.

Nowadays, communication via SMS, email and instant messaging programs replace real discussions between people. Such communication allows reducing personal contacts and circumventing various social situations, the expert says, adding that smartphones lead to such a worldview in which man becomes a loner.

People are not accustomed to be alone at any moment, turning to technology to communicate

In Turke’s opinion, this inevitably leads to a third psychological effect that sociologist describes as “I interact, therefore I exist”.

According to her, representatives of young generation were no longer used to face their thoughts. They feel an acute need to share ideas and thoughts even when they occur. And if a few years ago, for example, when a “husband called his wife 15 times a day” was starting confusion or certifying a fixed idea or family problems, today such a tumultuous exchange of SMSs is a standard behavior, highlights Sherry Turk, in an interview with the German newspaper Der Spiegel.

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