How is Nexus 7 Better than the iPad?

Apple’s iPad tablet is currently the bestselling tablet in the market and has been around since tablets made their first appearance.  The recent launch of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet however seems to upset the market balance as it sports high end features and comes are a very reasonable price, therefore making it a high-end yet cheap device from one of the most popular names in the technology arena.  If you are going to get a tablet, should you go for a Nexus 7 tablet or an iPad 2?  Here are 5 reasons why the Nexus 7 tablet is way better than the iPad.

a) Form factor: With a 7 inch screen, the Nexus 7 is easier to carry and can be operated with one hand unlike the iPad which has a 10 inch screen.  The Nexus is also lighter, making it perfect for daily usage like gaming, browsing and typing.

b) No restrictions: iOS is a closed operating system but Android is an open source that allows developers to customize it the way they want to suit their needs.  Android has no restrictions concerning applications or content at all.  With the iPad, there are applications you cannot download because they are banned such as applications related to WikiLeaks or applications banned in your country.

c) Better applications: The Nexus 7 Android Jelly Bean OS comes with a ton of pre-installed applications including Gmail, Chrome browser and other Google apps.  These applications are convenient and beneficial.  iPads come with built-in apps which only existing Apple users will benefit – it completely ignores any new comers who are not familiar with Apple’s apps and services.

d) Power and experience:  With a Tegra 3 Quad Core CPU, browsing and gaming experience on the Nexus 7 is smoother and faster than the iPad.  The Jelly Bean OS also offers a better multitasking experience than any other tablet on the market today.

e) Price: The price is the ultimate deal breaker for Apple lovers.  You can save up to $300 by buying a Nexus 7 tablet.  The cheapest iPad goes for $499 and the Nexus 7 tablet costs merely $199.

These are some of the top reasons why the Nexus 7 tablet is a way better choice than the iPad.