Hashable Shutting Down on July 25th

The quintessential visiting cards seem to have got a new lease of life after all. Hashable, the web app that was intended to provide people with a way to exchange contact information without having to carry loads of visiting cards on their person, is closing down.

The New York based startup had garnered $4 million in investment, but somehow could not manage to provide the quality they had promised to do. In an email they have mentioned to their users that July 25th is the date when both the mobile apps and the website hashable.com will be pulled down.

Hashable founder Michael Yavonditte has tweeted in agreement that they have failed in their bid to make Hashable a viable and good enough product. He has also mentioned that the time is right to focus their energy on to some place else; which apparently is going to be in the domain of mobile ads.

So is Hashable moving to mobile ads? Apparently, Hashable will be closed down and the mobile ads venture will be taken over by a new corporate entity. This also raises the question about the development team at Hashable. How many of them will continue and stay to work with the new business and on the new product will have to be seen.

In the meantime, Hashable offers users the opportunity to download their data. As some users have saved hundreds of contact information and other valuable data, Hashable is offering a csv data download of all that information to users. All that the users need to do is to navigate to the “profile” tab, click on “Your history” and then by clicking “Export full history to .csv” one can download the data. A dialog box will open when they click on “Export full history to .csv”. Users will just have to accept that dialog.

Via: TechCrunch