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Google’s New PDK Might Make Updates Available Faster

Still trailing behind with Honeycomb or even Gingerbread, on your Android phone? Blame the fragmentation of the Android operating system due to the hundreds of different handset models and manufacturers that run on Android. This means that till now, Google has not been able to effectively distribute the Android Platform Development Kit to everyone. This, in addition with wireless carrier restrictions and certifications has meant that Android phone users have never been able to get the latest version of Android operating system on their phone immediately after the launch of the new operating system.

To put it into context, Android version 4.0 was released last year in the month of October and after nearly an year of it’s release, with the next version, Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean already announced, only 7.1 percent of Android phones have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich installed in them. This trend is really disturbing.

In contrast, Apple’s controlled environment and a single phone model running iOS has meant that, iPhone users get the latest iOS version on their iPhones the next time they connect their iPhones to iTunes.

Google has now decided to tackle this problem by releasing the platform development kit to phone manufacturers and developers, a couple of months before the newer version of Android actually gets announced. This would give manufacturers and developers ample time to update their handsets with the upcoming operating system and when Google makes the public announcement about the new Android version, developers and manufacturers will be ready to hand out updated phones.

Google has already implemented this plan by providing select developers the Jelly Bean PDK before the new and awesome mobile operating  system is announced or released to the public.

Our only hope would be that this plan works out well and we get to enjoy the latest Android before it actually gets outdated.

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